Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playlist 14/10/10

This weeks blazing track come from

1) The Higher - Its only natural
What?? They're signed by epitaph? Nope, they are not hardcore but they play an awesome loungey music style. Huge chorus and can quickly grab ears to keep this in your iPod.

2) The Cab - Take my hand feat. Cassidy Pope
Cassidy Pope is cute so this song is a must.

3) I set my friends on fire - Things that rhyme with orange
Who knew hardcore could be funny? Awesome spacey intro like what owl city plays, bone shattering breakdowns. And this is the song to layan this week.

4) Daughtry - September
This ballad hits it right and just the way to end september. Karaoke to it and have fun with this tune.

5) Deaf Havana - Smiles all around
they just keep getting better and better!!! A tsunami sized chorus to compliment they're development.

6) Smosh - Sex ed rocks
WTF-ness!!!! This song is too funny!!

7) P.R.E - detestable
Looking for a local but slower A7x?? Here they are! Electrifying chorus with a slower rythm. Music equilibrium. (kena train lagu ni sebenarnya utk recording P.R.E)

8) Hey Monday - 6 Months
Sometimes, we want to tangkap jiwang gak right? Yeah, no matter how metal or hardcore you are you still hav a soft spot to be triggered by this song.

9) Paramore - Pressure
With the exam seasons starting and well underway for some institutions, pressure is building up. And the only song to understand what your going through is this

10) Si Bodoh - Serangga Pilihan
Best song in the world. Period! link is here

The higher cause they're 'high'er???

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where are malay men?

Something is really wrong here

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu malaysia.. Following government's urge for everyone to say salam satu malaysia.

Yesterday, i went to see the IID (invention, innovation & design) competition at UiTM's glorious DSB and annexe. It was a very intereseting competition with a wide range of inventions from robots to weird food (apparently good) otak lekor. Even with all the interesting products presented there, one study really caught my eye.

It was how masculine are Malay men.

Too bad the booth was empty so i couldn't ask for the findings. Nevertheless, how masculine are malay men? It is quite apparent that malay men are getting weak right now.Malay women in the other hand are rising to fill the gap men created.

It can be seen that now Malay women playing a big role in everything. From kenduri kendara, to managing warung makan, to small industries i.e belacan making, to even stepping forward on occassion which should be handled by the males. In organisations, women are stepping forward and guys don't even want to volunteer. the guys duduk kat blakang doing nothing.

There is even a saying that (sorry i cant cite it, cant remember the source) if you walk with a malay woman in the 60s, they walk behind you, if you walk with a malay woman now, they walk all over you.

Masculine man

Feminine man. Wadefak!!

And whats all this, 'i wanna go for the jambu korean look'? Real men are not supposed to have perfect skin tone or clean eyes. We are supposed to have features that are masculine. Not weak or approaching girl like. Jambang, scars, good physique, strong.

Men should rise to power again! We want our rights!! Discounts at futsal places, discount at Barra. But i don't think i would want a maternity leave. And guys, dun hold her handbag while shopping or jalan2, makes us look weak. Gi toilet kejap xpe kot???

Remember, Allah lebih menyayangi hambanya yang kuat.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2/10/2010 P.R.E and Miang Sengsara make history

It was iCheme sports day dinner that night and it was an eventful night. It was both bands' first show and it was amazing. Everyone was getting pumped up and had high motivation to play. Expectations were high and the pressure was hitting red-lines.

Both bands are mates

Both bands are unsigned but are awesome. Practiced hard the whole week. The bands working like an organism and learnt a lot from one another.

Miang sengsara almost hit a brick wall when vocalist, Aimi lost her voice. Her voice did sound like a man and the band insisted on her to keep singing. They kept waiting for her voice to come back but it didn't. But, the show must go on! So, they were forced to import aggression vocalist Ejad Hafidz to step in and learn the songs and sing. Ejad did a lovely job of fronting and MCing. Lets pray Aimi gets her voice back soon.

Miang Playing Dirty Little Secret

The Miangs played four song. Meant to live by switchfoot, All-American Reject's wonder hit, Dirty Little Secret, a raya song by Mamat entitled Ku Pohon Restu Ayah Bonda and a single from Aizat, Hanya Kau yang Mampu sung by Cik Najmiddin.

P.R.E warming up

P.R.E which meanwhile took a new vocalist, Zurainie to front the band. They played an exploding cover of Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold and a rocked up version of a Siti Nurhaliza song. But unfortunately luck wasn't on their side and they couldn't play their wonder cover Sweet Child of mine. The band was saddened by the news and stopped halfway of their show and went down. Nevertheless, their performance was awesome.

Fickrie: I'm disappointed

Fickrie later announced his disappointment of not getting to utilise his 'Waah' Pedal and that he was pissed of at the artinerary. Ensem also stated to the press that it hurts that they couldn't reach the climax of their performance. But none was as frustrated as band veteran Baiem. Nevertheless, it was a good platform for them to start off and lets hope one day they make it big.

Anyhow, it was a gravity defying performance from both. The bands stated that they had a good time never mind the setbacks. If one day you hear the names of P.R.E or Miang Sengsara, remember that you heard it first on FourWords. Buy their album or get them on itunes.

Have some eye candy!!

Fick - Guitar (Lead)
Baiem - Bass
Ensem - Guitar (Rhythm)
Amin - Drums
Zue - Vocals

Miang Sengsara
Syuxz - Guitar
Ikhwan Azmi - Bass
Aimi - Vocals
Faisal aka Mike - Drums

And also special thanx to Ejad, Amir, Haikal, Khairul Zakirin, Adik Fick, Apple Studios, Hakim (senget branch), khalifah (senget branch) and everyone directly or indirectly contributed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playlist 28/9/2010

Songs for this week is

1. We are the ocean - The EP and Album
You gotta listen to this band. Power punch chorus! And vocals by Liam Combry can just get to you.

2. John Mayer - Half of my heart ft Taylor swift.
Awesome collaboration by both. Why is it not frequently played by I wonder why..

3. Nelly - Just a dream
Reminds me what RnB is all about.

4. Avenged Sevenfold - Seize the day (PRE cover ft. Miang sengsara)
This is a classic. Nothing can go wrong with a classic. Right? Right?

5. Slash - Back to Cali
Slash solos like in this song can be an instant chart topper. Radio Stations, play this song!! My children need it for the rock heritage to pass on!

6. Funeral for a friend - Damned if you do, Dead if you don't
FFAF has returned with something that sounds like the old days. Things do get better with age.

7. Black Veil Brides - Knives and pens
Just cant stop laughing watching their video.

8. Retarded Policeman OST
I want the opening song as a ringtone. Wait, thats not a song.

9. Miranda Cosgrove - Kissing You
Alright. This is bias. I like the show icarly and i just gotta like this song. Catchy chorus is the winner here.

8. Guns and Roses - Paradise city
Just close your eyes and pretend your there.

9. All-American Rejects - Move Along
Pop punk at its best. Give people motivation yo!! Here proves that rock is not just about drugs and women, move on. Get living people!

10. Wonderpets - Yang penting kerjasama
Yes people, its important to work together. Melt your heart and warm your soul with this. Animals don't just bite people, they help other animals too.

We are the ocean is the winner this week! Go get them!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fad things when i grew up in the nineties

How was it when u guys grew up?? It was probably the best times in our life. Especially around the age of 8-12. Things we watched, things we played really gave us a big impact on who we are today.

So here are a few fads during the nineties..

1. Digimon
During my childhood days, it was a dream to have one of these. All your friends have it and you go to the surau to meet friends and battle with them. Thats a bad example kids. there would be skills on how to win battles too.. tekan sana, tekan sini and skill tembak three taiks.. haha!! it was legendary

Well, Digimon came to fame due to the existence of the Tamagochi. A Tamagochi is a japanese invention, which you will have a digital virtual pet in a handheld. So, the pets need to be fed and gave attention. And one day, Japanese bookies got nothing to bet on other than tamagochis. Soon the bookies got tamagochis to fight each other, with slight mods. Thats how digimon got invented. At least the true story la.


Ultraman is a mystical (is it??) alien from outer space which takes the form of a human on earth, and has the ability to transform to its original form to save earth. Ultramans are really tall (like hantu galah one) and can fire laser rays from their forearms and kill monsters.

Ultramans influenced a lotta kids. Kids wanted to cartwheel like ultraman. but even with so much i9nfluence from ultraman, i've always wondered why ultramans need to 'fire' when their energy is at a critical level. After they have fired, they have to go charge up and fly to the sun. near the sun is the world of ultraman where all the ultramans are.. Ultraman ayah, ultraman mak, abang adik ipar, sepupu and all are.. And to this day, i still play ultraman with my baby cuzin and watch Ultraman Mebius and Cosmos on TV. Its cool. SPOILER ALERT, mebius ada family of ultra!! or was it cosmos?

3.Tamiya Racing Cars
DASH YONKURO!!! Siapa tak pernah ada kereta 4wd dash yonkuro mmg kesian laa. These are kit cars which we assemble on our own and we race them on a track made for it. or in my case, longkang sekolah. The cars are extremely modifiable and can go really fasst. It became more famous with the show dash Yonkuro on TV.

Kids would tend to modify them by taking the body off, putting on metal bumpers so protect the plastic chassis, take of the front wheels and use a 'ball-pen' type wheel. Modifications in motor was also done by adding more copper wires and changing the wires. some kids would go "waa!! Kau punya kaler Ijau!! Laju Gila!!". And because the cars eat batteries for breakfast, lunch snd dinner, snack in between as well, we would put the batteries under bright sun to recharge them. I study chemistry but i still dunno why it seemed to work at that tym.

Well, these are the few things that most kids who gew up in the nineties would remember. Lost now are those fond memories (and culture) of going out to play these toys with friends, the spirit of competition. Now kids play games too much. Its unhealthy!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, hari ni hari aku went and met my ex, Hazwani. She wanted help cause dia nak gi btolkan ticket flight dia.

well, everything was okay and maybe the awkwardness ada la skit on my part. We broke up from a long distant relationship and this was the first tym i met her since the broke up which was last year.

We went to Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, Gulf Air office.Then, all the flashbacks start to blast into my head. About where we went before and what has happened before. I was having bad case of twilight vision probably.

Through my past relationship with her, there are more good things than bad things that have happened. But the planets didn't align and we didn't make it to the end. Anyhow it was a good experience for my life and the friendship we have now is among the things i cherish most in the world. We're still friends and thats better than breaking off completely.

Its not that I'm not over her. Its just the history of what has happened before has really gave me a punch in the face. She also gave me our book which swept me in an explosion of emotions. An awesome Man utd book and a birthday card. That was really nice and i like the book very much.

Its good seeing her. Seeing that she was well and has moved on. All i hope for her is the best of everything and a bright future with her bf now. Have a happy life Hazwani and may Allah's blessings light your way to a Jannah on earth and in the afterlife.

A song i hope to give sum1 one day

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nak bagi alasan jugak

Oleh kerana tadi saya telah pergi membetulkan tayar basikal saya.
saya tidak dapat hadir ke class.
maka saya memohon maaf.